About Remembrance Foundation

Honour the living

We believe the best way to pay homage to the fallen is by leading a life that upholds their sacrifice. That is why Remembrance Foundation is dedicated to mentoring the military and emergency service communities with the support and guidance needed to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

Remembrance Foundation Incorporated is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, formerly incorporated in March 2017. Remembrance Foundation is a charity currently registered as a public benevolent institution and has ‘advancing health, advancing social or public welfare' and 'advancing the security or safety of Australia or Australian Public’ subcategories.

The Remembrance Foundation committee govern and oversee the organisation and the project specific sub-committees. The composition of the committee is skills-based with representation from each sub-committee and inclusion of specialists, veterans and service communities and other relevant stakeholders. The project-specific subcommittees of the Remembrance Foundation perform and manage the operations of the organisation.

Our mission is to develop and implement innovative, human-centred and best-practice approaches to advance the health, welfare and quality of life of veterans and military families. Among these are:

Art of War
Outreach Project