Art of War Project


Inspired by a conversation with a veteran who was struggling with his mental health yet identified photography as a positive influence in his life, the Remembrance Foundation and Modern Soldier Social Media developed the Facebook group Art of War

The positive impact Art of War has had in the community is unprecedented and represents an uplifting narrative of resilience, expression and connection. The arts and photography as a vehicle to express and translate military experiences should be supported and celebrated in veteran and general communities alike. With over 200 artists involved, the talent and interest Art of War has received has prompted plans for further development of both physical and virtual exhibitions, competitions, photography classes and community cultural events.

Art of War has an opportunity to create ongoing communication and engagement which will provide valuable support by connecting people through photography. The Veterans in Focus project is the first of the wider Art of War initiatives to come to fruition. Veterans in Focus has three elements: a physical exhibition of Art of War members’ extraordinary photographs held from November 1, 2019 to January 10, 2020 at the Anzac Memorial in Sydney’s Hyde Park; a series of films in which veterans share their stories and their experiences with photography; and a coffee-table book.

The exhibition and book feature a series of beautiful, evocative images on a range of subjects as diverse as the veteran community who captured them – sailors, soldiers, Special Forces operatives, cryptologic linguists, medics, nurses ...

Many of them took up a camera because of the positive impact photography can have on one’s mental wellbeing. Photography is fun, it gets you into nature, it helps you meet people, whether they be your subjects or a community of photographers. Photography makes you curious. It makes you appreciate.

Talissa Papamau – Founder/Producer/Director

Talissa Papamau is an Afghanistan Veteran who served as an Advance Medical Technician in the Australian Army.

Since her medical separation from the Australian Army in November 2015, Talissa has been active in the veteran health, advocacy and support community. Talissa is the founder of the largest Australian online veteran support and engagement community – Modern Soldier Social Media – which was established in January 2016.

“By taking a photograph you are not only living in the moment but appreciating the world around us. Living in the moment and appreciating are two things that are extremely positive behaviours for people living with PTSD.”

– Talissa Papamau, Director, Remembrance Foundation

If you are a military veteran (or family) interested in photography, please join us for inspiration, mentoring and mateship at:

Art of War

The Remembrance Foundation's Art of War Initiative was inspired by a veteran who was struggling with mental health conditions yet identified photography and art as a positive and supportive influence. The initiative aims to provide opportunities for veterans in the art industry and promote their interests as psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation outcomes.

The inaugural exhibition received strong interest and participation receiving over 60 high quality submissions from talented veteran artists. A remarkable selection of the works will be exhibited at the world-class Anzac Memorial Hyde Park, Sydney from 01 November 2019 - 10 January 2020.

The 2019 exhibition theme is ‘Veterans In Focus.’ The exhibition is dedicated to acknowledging military service and increasing the profile of veteran artists. The exhibition is a testament to the power of art to depict and represent military experiences and promote resilience and expression.

The Art of War Initiative has an opportunity to create ongoing meaningful engagement and participation with the veteran community to provide valuable support and social connectedness through the arts and photography.

Your support through purchasing this book, is greatly appreciated and will allow the exhibition to become an annual event.